You can turn off unwanted features provided by DHP in settings.

Key Description
datapack.features.codeActions Quickfixes and refactor actions.
datapack.features.colors Color information for dust particles and certain NBT values.
datapack.features.completions Code suggestions and completions.
datapack.features.documentHighlighting Highlight relevant words when you hover your cursor on them.
datapack.features.documentLinks Resolving namespaced IDs as links which you can click on.
datapack.features.foldingRanges Folding ranges.
datapack.features.formatting Formatting.
datapack.features.hover Hover information.
datapack.features.semanticColoring Semantic coloring.
datapack.features.selectionRanges Selection ranges. To be honest, even myself don’t know what this is.
datapack.features.signatures The signature information which shows the syntax of the current command.


Version Description
2.0.0 Added features settings.