Datapack Language Server 2.1.0

This version added some small handy features, fixed some bugs, and improved performance.

✨ Features

Code Actions


Fix all

There are two code actions introduced in this version that can fix all auto-fixable problems:

  • Fix all auto-fixable problems in this file
  • Fix all auto-fixable problems in the workspace

They can be directly accessed in Source Actions at anytime, or in Quick Fixes when there are auto-fixable errors in the current file.

Please notes that some auto fixes might overlap with each other, therefore they cannot be executed in the same run. You can execute multiple times manually to work around this issue.

Fix Zombified Piglin

There is a new code action to convert Zombified Piglin’s old ID (zombie_pigman) to their new ID (zombified_piglin).


Complete Current Identity

There’s a new THIS completion item for namespaced IDs which produces the ID of the current document.

Complete Random UUIDs

There’s a new RANDOM completion item for UUIDs which will generate a random UUID.

New env.language option


You can now configure the language of the language server independently from VS Code’s locale settings.

Available Options

  • "Default": (Default) Use the same language as VS Code uses.
  • code: Use the specific language.

πŸ› Bugfixes

Notable fixes:

  • #448 - Can not resolve Index nbtdoc type
  • #482 - No NBT completions for @a selectors
  • #489 - No attribute completions
  • #494 - Registry supers in nbtdoc doesn’t work
  • #502 - No NBT completions for selectors w/o type

See all known 12 bugs that are fixed in 2.1.0: query.

⚑ Performance

The vanilla data, command syntax tree, and config are now only fetched when needed.

A side effect of this improvement is that the settings will be updated in real time on the language server side after you change them.

β™» Refactor

There is a large refactor in this version on how to handle text documents. Please report all the bugs you find at GitHub Issues.

πŸ•™ Future Plans

See all backlogged issues: query.

πŸ’› Thank You

A big thank you goes to these wonderful people! (sorted by the Unicode of names)

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