Semantic Token Types

  • annotation
  • boolean
  • comment
  • entity
  • keyword
  • literal
  • identity
  • number
  • operator
  • property
  • string
  • type
  • variable
  • vector

Semantic Token Modifiers

  • declaration
  • deprecated
  • documentation
  • firstArgument
  • inString

Recommended Default Style

For language mcfunction:

Semantic Token Selector TextMate Scope Note
annotation markup.heading.annotation.mcfunction A doc comment annotation
boolean constant.language.boolean.mcfunction A boolean value
comment N/A -
entity support.class.entity.mcfunction An entity or a score holder
keyword N/A .. in number ranges and time units
literal keyword.other.mcfunction A literal argument
literal.firstArgument keyword.control.mcfunction The first literal argument in each command
identity An namespaced ID
number N/A -
operator N/A matches, =, /=, etc.
property N/A Map keys
string N/A -
type N/A Item/scoreboard slots and objective criteria
variable N/A Objectives, teams, and tags
vector constant.numeric.vector.mcfunction A vector
  • N/A means that this token is a standard token and is implemented in a language client by default.


Version Description
1.13.0 Firstly introduced semantic tokens and modifiers.
2.2.0 Added inString semantic modifier.